Do you need somebody to regularly teach at your venue, or are you looking for private classes? Look no further.
I can provide engaging and fun art lessons, that will help students develop their potential. From visual arts and art appreciation classes, to gallery tours, through drama and circus sessions and more, you will certainly find something that your students will love learning about!


Art classes

These classes focus on developing the skills to produce pieces of art utilising diverse media. The techniques could be drawing, painting, sculpture, and engraving, as well as mixed media, where students experiment a combination of techniques and materials, such as photomontage, xilocollage, building of sculptures with non-conventional objects, etc.

Art appreciation classes

Utilising the Visual Thinking Strategies method to guide students on their journey to understanding an image, the aim of these classes is to get them thinking about what they see and what it could mean. This can be done with any sort of image, be it a painting or a poster.
This type of approach is particularly important nowadays that human culture has become eminently visual. Besides, students extract enormous joy from their ideas about an image being listened and considered.


Gallery tours and Gallery talks

I provide a tour of the National Gallery that features its most important paintings. The tour, which lasts for 2.30hs, tells the story of how painting in Western Europe has changed from medieval times to the avant-garde movements of the 19th century. If you have any especial requests as to what paintings you would like to hear about in the tour, do let me know!
(Please note rates vary according to number of people)

Is your gallery or museum looking for a speaker to give a talk on a specific topic? I have ample experience working to a brief. If you tell me what ideas you have in mind, or what topic you would like to develop, I’ll make sure to design an incredible talk for your audiences.