Bespoke Experiences

If you have in mind any sort of art educational experience you would like to offer to your audience, get in touch to tell me more about it, so I can come up with a fabulous idea of how to make it happen!
It could be providing a little tour plus activities to school children visiting a gallery, a family on a trip wanting to make the most out of their visit to London, or maybe an international group of students wanting to learn more.

I have designed some bespoke experiences for venues. Some of my most successful ones have been the Grotto talks series 2019, for Orleans House Gallery, the creation of learning content for Alexandra Palace´s Creative Learning Team, and the creation and delivery of the Family Royal Parks Tour for TourLondres.

For Orleans House Gallery, I researched extensively the topic of grottos, and came up with a fun and interesting series of three talks. In preparation for the talks I also designed the social media promo material, which included posts and images, and a series of three short videos of me presenting the series and talking a little bit about them.

For Alexandra Palace, I designed the Teachers Pack and the Volunteer Pack, while coordinating multiple aspects of the BAFTA: Big Schools Day 2018 event. These packs were resources for teachers and volunteers participating of the event to understand the history and heritage of Alexandra Palace better, and their roles prior, during, and after the event. The Teachers Pack also included a learning activity to do with the students after the event, for us to know about what they had enjoyed the most, and for them to consolidate what they learnt.

The Family Royal Parks Tours, is an educational and recreational tour I designed for families with young children who want to learn more about the royal side of this city. It suits people on holidays or locals who want to know more about the Royal Parks, their history, the Royal family, and Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Each stop introduces historical content through all sort of games, such as trivias, role games, treasure hunts, old royal past-times, etc. It is an excellent opportunity to learn, have fun, and create a lovely memory of the family holidays.