What I offer

I am a trained Fine Arts teacher, Art Historian, and an independent researcher, educator, and creativity advocate. I design engaging learning experiences for all ages and levels.

I have worked extensively as a teacher in all levels of formal education, as well as in informal settings. My experience includes working as a tour guide at the National Gallery, London, creating engaging learning experiences for Alexandra Palace, creating and delivering a series of lectures for Orleans House Gallery, and teaching art, drama, and circus to adults and children.

I am incredibly passionate about the arts, and I love sharing my enthusiasm, knowledge and creativity with everyone. I cannot wait to share this with you!



I undertook an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts, followed by a Teacher Training Course on the same subject, at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano.
I then did a Masters degree on Visual Arts with a specialisation in Education at UNSAM, followed by a History of Art MA at Birkbeck University of London.
In addition, I undertook a myriad of courses in Drama and Circus Arts.



Unforgettable visit...Florencia, art historian, passionate about painting and Life, was pleasant in her explanations, making the paintings and the artists come to life.
— National Gallery tour attendee, 2018
Excellent. A new experience for the children and different from school. Great to incorporate games alongside the art, and appeals to all ages.
— Mum of two children who attended Florencia's Modelling with Clay Workshop
Definitely recommend visiting the (National) Gallery with Florencia. Her fun yet informed way of talking about the paintings make you feel wonder and interest.
— National Gallery tour attendee, 2017
It was a brilliant workshop, and I was so very impressed with how children of various ages and abilities were able to do high relief clay artwork (...) Afterwards the children were lead to tell the parents about their work-all were excited to impart new knowledge.
— Dad of a child who attended Florencia's Modelling with Clay Workshop
It was really fun learning all about colours. My favourite was to learn to mix them and the collage with cold and warm colours.
— Boy aged 7, who attended Florencia's Colour Lab Workshop
Florencia helped me with a few class plans when I was just starting out as a teacher and was finding that very overwhelming. She gave me informed advice on how to better structure the plans, and how to meet the goals of the NC more appropriately. Definitely recommend!”



I strongly believe that the arts are a fundamental part of the human experience. They can unlock people’s creative potential, bring them infinite joy, and help them express and communicate complex meanings in novel ways.
I work passionately to create art learning experiences that will positively impact people, that will teach them valuable skills, and also help them feel fulfilled.