Do you need someone to provide a drama, arts, or circus workshop? Do you have a particular theme in mind? I provide workshops that explore diverse art techniques, drama games, circus skills, or a mix of all of them! Most workshops are from 2 to 3 hours long, but they can be modified according to your specific needs.

Some of my most successful workshops are listed below, but you can always let me know about your idea and I can design a workshop that adapts to it.

Don´t be afraid to ask me about a theme, even if I have not done it before, I´ll use my creativity to come up with something spectacular!


Colour Lab workshop

In this workshop we work with paint, collage, and lights, to explore the possibilities of colours: their expressive potential (which we experiment through drama games too!), how to mix them appropriately, how they work together in a painting, and how we can use them to convey meaning. This workshop is really fun and designed to develop your creativity and enjoy experimenting.
It can be adapted to all ages and levels.

Modelling with Clay workshop

In this workshop we work with clay to create 3D figures: we understand the properties of clay and how to work with it, and we try out modelling diverse things: high relief, modelling of an animal, modelling of a human head, a piece of pottery, just to name a few. In each case I will explain the proper technique to model each of these things.

Circus Skills workshop

In this fun workshop you will learn the basics of juggling, clowning and acro balance. Through many individual and team exercises, you will learn to juggle three balls, to hula hoop, to be funny as a clown, dress up, and do amazing acrobatic feats with others. Usually at the end of the workshop there is time to put together a little show, to boast all of your new skills!

Drama workshop

This workshop goes through many drama games for participants to discover different ways to use their bodies and their voices. These games are also selected for participants to improve coordination, team work, and confidence. They will also be given prompts to have a go at creating different characters, and interacting with one another in made up situations.

The Art Detectives workshop

This workshop mixes art appreciation with drama games. The workshop starts with a painting and a mystery hidden in it (some of the paintings I have used have been Las Meninas by Velázquez, The Night Watch by Rembrandt, St Dominic receives the Rosary by Plautilla Nelli). The clues to solve the enigma are hidden in the artworks. But apart from the clues, all participants must become different characters to solve this conundrum, such as the ones from the painting, but also the detective, the art dealer, and a restorer. This characterisation will be aided by props and costumes, as well as prompts for the participants to read. A very educational and fun workshop through and through!